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Direct Compactor and Baler is the premiere Texas-based trash compactor and cardboard baler equipment company.  With over 35 years of experience we specialize in providing the right compaction equipment for any situation.  We offer the sale, or rental, of industrial compactors and cardboard balers nationwide.  Our offices are located in the Fort Worth, Houston, and Austin areas of Texas.

Our team consists of expert repair people, metal fabricators, electricians, installers, and refurbishers.

Select a  Commercial Compactor

  • Compactors that can be stored in their own compartment the compaction container is structurally integrated to the machine, and the whole thing is taken to the site for disposal. Use for wet waste in supermarkets, restaurants and malls.
  • Pre-crushers Reduce trash volume by removing bulky, heavy items before they can be packed into a container.
  • Apartment compactors you can fit in a small trash room.
  • Vertical compactors are great for apartments, restaurants, motels and grocery stores.
  • Stationary compactors compact refuse at the source into a removable container. It is ideal for dry waste, retail, industrial, and warehouse use.


At Direct, we have a responsibility to represent only the finest manufacturers of new compaction equipment in the world. We sell all types of trash compactors from the smallest to the largest. There are Self-contained compactors, stationary compactors, pre crushers, augurs, plastic densifiers, etc. and we sell it all. We have a wide range of Balers, also referred to as a Cardboard Compactor, which will help meet any use case for dealing with large quantities of cardboard boxes or loose plastic and cram them down into bales for recycling hauling.

In addition to selling equipment, we have the industry-leading compactor rental program. We can rent compactors to your organization which will allow your team to plan your budget more effectively. Our team will handle any maintenance issues that arise on the equipment and you can focus on what you do best, which is running your organization. We handle shipping, installation, and everything necessary for getting you up and running. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you save money on hauling.

With our team, you have a one-stop shop for solving your equipment needs to help you recycle and save money on your trash expenses. When you want help with your trash call the best team around. Call Direct!


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With 35 years in the trash compactor and baler business we have established ourselves as the market leader for Sales, Rental, and Repair of compaction equipment. Whatever your use case, we have seen it. Whatever your customization, we can deliver. We do not sell hauling services or any other products other than compaction equipment. With Direct we want to create a customer experience that meets your specific needs. We want to keep you as a happy customer for many years to come.

  • How many times a week does your hauler pick up from your facility? This is the basis for your cost savings. Compaction helps you lower the amount of pick ups required for your solid waste.
  • What volume of trash is being hauled? You may have one open top container being picked up several times a week or you may have several dumpsters. The actual volume helps determine the size and power of the equipment needed.
  • What to do with recyclables? Depending on the volume of recyclables going into your waste stream additional equipment may be required to allow for cardboard box compacting, plastic compacting, densifying, etc.
  • What safety standards are needed to ensure compliant use? You will need to ensure that the installation follows ANSI standards. Fire code can be an issue with chute systems. Maybe you need to make physical accommodations for certain workers. Identifying these needs early in your purchase process can ensure proper quoting and installation.
  • What power source are you using? All compaction equipment will need power. Have you coordinated power to the installation site? Is that power single or three phase power? Have you communicated that to the installation team? This can be a major hiccup for many installations.
  • Have you determined how refuse will be loaded into the compactor? The “hopper“, as we call it, is the part of the machine that the waste is loaded into. Dependent on the use case the need for the hoppers shape and accessibility can affect your usage as well as your costs. Will it be left hand load, right hand load, front load, top load, etc. Location is a primary factor for hopper requirements. Chutes also come into play. Getting this piece right will ensure that the equipment is useable by your team.
  • Where should the compactor go? Location impacts cost. You will need to run power to the installation site. You also need to ensure safety requirements are met. You may need to lay concrete before installation. If you are getting a baler, those tend to operate better long term covered, where a self-contained can be out in the open. Bringing this topic up early can solve a lot of challenges you may not be aware you have.

A Trash Compactor is designed for compacting your general solid waste stream and can contain any solid waste products. There are various kinds of compactors but all of them handle general waste. A Cardboard Compactor, also known as a Cardboard Baler or Plastic Baler, is a specialty piece of equipment for taking recyclables, like cardboard, plastics, etc., out of your waste stream to be picked up by a recycling company. It bales those products into easy to transport squares.

While we would love to promise a steady rate, carboard and plastics are a commodity whose price fluctuates constantly. You will need to check with your recycling hauler on the rate because it changes regularly.

  • Reduction in labor costs
  • Helps with odor coming from trash
  • Controls pests like rats, bugs, etc.
  • Space savings for solid wast
  • Save on insurance premiums
  • Reduces fire hazard from dumpster exposed out in the open
  • Reduces hauling costs as with fewer pick-ups needed
  • Deters employee theft via the open top dumpsters
  • Controls nonemployees from dumping their garbage in your bins
  • Can help decrease the number of trash containers needed at a given location

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