Commercial Trash Compactor Rental

If you are reading this, the chances are that you want to save money on your solid waste expenses. You may have heard, or thought for yourself, that a trash compactor can save you money. In most cases you are right.

  • If you have several waste containers, roll-offs or front load dumpsters, that your hauler picks up you can likely consolidate those to fewer trash compactors. In most cases just 1 machine.
  • If your circumstance allows for a high compaction ratio like the one equipment manufacturers often quote, 4 to 1, that means a lot fewer pick ups from your hauler, saving you money.
  • If your waste is smelly, produces a lot of liquids, or you have a rodent issue then a self-contained compactor can help you stay out of trouble with the authorities and keep customers happier.
  • If a huge percentage of your waste is recyclables like cardboard, or other reusable materials, then you can extract those from your waste stream and use a baler to make bales. You have less waste going to your trash hauler saving money on pickups. Your new recycler you work with will pick those bales up, that previously went in the trash before, and maybe even pay you for them.

There are many reasons to implement a solid waste compaction system. However, once you start pricing equipment you quickly find it can range from $10,000 to $2,000,000 apiece. That does not even include tax, shipping costs, or installation which add thousands of dollars to each purchase. Then the realization sets in. Once the typical 1-year warranty on new equipment expires you need to pay for all maintenance moving forward. Compactors are very reliable pieces of equipment but any time you have an electrical motor driving hydraulic arms that ram refuse into a closed system there will be general repair and maintenance work needed. Some cylinders alone can cost $6,000 to replace though most are a fraction of that.

So, what is a person to do? Get the compactor, definitely get the compactor. Your company may allow you to purchase one new. If that is the case, just call us and we will sell one to you at the best rate possible. There is another way to pay for it though. Renting.

Renting your trash compactor lets you stabilize your costs for compaction service over the life of your need. For one low monthly rate we will install a great compactor or baler at your site. We will cover the installation costs. We will take care of all future repairs. We can rent to you anywhere in the continental US. Your team wins by drastically lowering surprise compactor costs while also getting the benefits to your hauling bill.

Call us today and let us rent you a compactor immediately.

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