Benefits of Renting

Your organization needs a trash compactor.  You need a cardboard or plastic baler.  You need to save money on your trash hauling.  You absolutely must find a fast solution to your rising trash hauling costs, but like most areas in life your budget is very real.  You may not have the money set aside to purchase a piece of compaction equipment today.  Depending on your business needs, the time of year, or any other urgent circumstance the budgetary line item for trash compactors and balers may not be available.

Even if your organization does decide to purchase, you may struggle to handle the upfront installation costs, not to mention future repairs.  If you are in a high use facility like multi family housing or large-scale retail operations your equipment could go down at any time for any reasons.  Repairs are expensive.  Downtime is not an option for most people.  If your equipment breaks down, you may not have people on staff who have the parts on hand and the experience required to make the necessary repairs quickly.

This is where we can help.  Our company has been in business for 35 years.  We have seen every possible situation.  Why not rent the trash compactor or baler you need from us?  For a small monthly fee, you can accurately budget your equipment expenditures.  You can ensure that a team of service experts is available to solve your challenge.

When you rent with Direct Compactor and Baler, we help you set the monthly rental rate.  We take care of all installation concerns.  We take care of all future maintenance.  We ensure that the equipment you have serves you and not the other way around.

Let us help you save money on your trash hauling AND future repair expenses.  Rent a trash compactor or baler from Direct Compactor and Baler today!

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