by Direct Compactor | 7 Jun,2024

So, you’re looking at your trash compactor and thinking to yourself, “it’s time to replace this old thing!”  There may be holes in the sides. There may be more rust than paint.  Maybe your cardboard baler stopped working and you’re thinking it’s better to take that repair money and put it toward a new machine.  Whatever the case, we can help.  Here is a helpful list of reasons to trade in your old trash compactor for a shiny new one.

The first reason to get a new trash compactor or cardboard baler is to lower your repair costs.  It may be the case that you are facing an expensive hydraulic cylinder repair.  Does your trash compactor bleed more money than oil?   When you purchase a new trash compactor you not only get the benefits of a healthy new machine, but you also get access to a manufacturer’s extended warranty.  This warranty ensures that, for a set period, if anything goes wrong you can contact the seller and have your baler or compactor repaired at little to no cost.

The second reason it’s a great idea to get a replacement trash compactor or cardboard baler is to limit your down time.  When your compactor isn’t working your trash builds up, climbing steadily until it reaches over your trash enclosure.  Your waste stream never stops.  Even if your equipment goes down.  The cardboard grows and grows while you wait for your cardboard baler to be fixed.  With a newer machine you would be able to limit downtime and ensure that your waste stream can go uninterrupted by your compaction solution for as long as is possible.

The third reason to get a new trash compactor or cardboard baler is machine efficiency.  The point of getting a cardboard baler, or a trash compactor, is to compact your waste into a smaller area to save money on your trash hauling bill.  The fewer times your waste hauler needs to pick up your waste the more money you save.  If your compactor or baler gets old enough you could start losing efficiency in the compaction meaning that it’s not doing, it’s job of compacting as well as it would if it were newer.  The cost of the additional hauls can add up over time.  Keeping a working and efficient compactor ensures maximum savings on your trash hauling bills.

There are many reasons why one may want to replace their trash compactor or cardboard baler.  If you are considering making a change, call our team of highly trained experts that can walk you through your specific case and help you get exactly what you need.  (817) 769 – 8340

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