Here is the truth, your fleet of dumpsters sit at client sites slowly disintegrating. The dirty secret of the solid waste industry is that dumpsters are mostly abused without regard for their condition by paying customers. A shiny new can today becomes a rusted out oversized cheese grater missing a lid tomorrow. Multiply that scenario over the hundreds of cans in your fleet and all the sudden you find yourself with a couple of very real challenges.

The first one being that your cans look terrible. Your cans are the physical representation of your brand. This is the solid waste industry but that does not mean your product has to look like garbage. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in representing your brand more effectively.

The second issue is that your equipment becomes potentially unsafe. Mistreated dumpsters are a liability. If the can no longer holds the waste material, or the sleeves break while the front load can is being lifted, or the dumpster rolls down an alley then you could be facing potential legal responsibility for that unforeseen breakage.

The third, and most important, is that if you want your equipment to last then it must be maintained. Beyond a fresh coat of paint there are also holes, rods, lids, sleeves, etc. which need to be gone through periodically. The whole fleet should be inspected methodically for regular maintenance.

Most shops, like yours, normally keep a person or two on container duty but often that person’s time is split between containers and other responsibilities. They may be a fleet mechanic. They may also work on compactors. Whatever the case is a container team would struggle with a full fleet refresh.

We offer a great solution that will allow you to bring truckloads of bins into our yards. Once dropped off our expert team of equipment maintenance personnel will track each can as it is brought into the shop and assign it a unique ID, take photos of work that is needed, communicate with you throughout the process, and complete refreshes in a timely manner. You will know, on each can, exactly what we have done. We most commonly repair the fork sleeves, repair holes, replace rotted out floors, perform rod replacements, replace the lids, and paint the cans in your preferred colors. Our fabricators will bring new life to your old dumpster.

When the repairs are complete, we will affix any signage you would like to use. The equipment will then be placed to the outgoing side of our yard. We can unload another set of dumpsters and load up the clean ones keeping a steady rotation of new equipment available for your team.

Call us today to find out how you can keep your fleet of dumpsters in tip top shape with Direct Compactor and Baler!

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