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Are you looking for the right solution to help you deal with the overwhelming amount of solid waste that your multifamily complex generates? You have come to the right place. No apartment manager wants to spend all day, every day, dealing with trash. Direct Compactor and Baler is the leader is Multi Family trash equipment solutions. We are experts in the systems manufacturers design with multifamily buildings in mind. Let us explore which solution is best for you.
A large, fixed cost for any apartment community budgets is solid waste disposal. People in North Americans generate staggering amounts of solid waste. The more someone is at home the surer you can be that they are throwing something away. Throwing their trash away costs you money. How so? Trash pickups. Each time a hauler comes out to empty your cans there are fees. The more times in a week they come the larger that bill racks up. If we can limit the number of trips that your hauler needs to make, then you should be able to save a significant amount of money on your solid waste disposal budget line item.

Apartment compactor


Due to current online shopping trends, the amount of cardboard in multifamily waste streams is increasing drastically. Each box not only sends perfectly recyclable products to the landfill it also leaves empty space in the box falsely filling up your precious dumpster real estate. We often have conversations with overwhelmed community managers struggling to find a solution for this.

The best practice when it comes to cardboard is separated collection. A community manager can designate spaces at each building (typically under stair wells), or the main office, where community members can drop off their cardboard. When there is enough cardboard collected a service team member of the community can collect that cardboard into one place and then utilize a centralized cardboard baler in their maintenance area.

This baled cardboard does 4 things for you:

  • It shows your tenants that you take their feelings about our stewardship of the environment seriously. Recycling takes all of us doing our part.
  • Taking the boxes out of your solid waste stream leaves dumpster clear of a massive amount of space helping you to prevent can overage. Garbage overrun causes bad smells, rodent issues, liquid run off, and potential issues with inspectors.
  • All the space that those empty square boxes were taking up will mean additional pick ups that your solid waste hauler will not need to transport. This is typically a massive cost savings.
  • Depending on the commodity price of cardboard, a recycler is likely to pay you for the bales of Cardboard. Though this should not be your main reason for baling. It’s just a nice side effect.

Large Space Facilities

When an apartment community has enough space on their property to house a full-size trash compactor they will find themselves in the best scenario for waste compaction success. A self-contained compactor will allow the garbage that is thrown away to accommodate a 4 to 1 compaction ratio effectively squishing all those bags of rubbish your tenants, or value waste service, just threw away to ¼ it’s original size on average. This should save 3 pick ups out of every 4. Your hauling bill will go down. The smell will be more contained. The liquids will be contained. Your residents are happier, and you save money on trash hauling.

Compact Facilities

Some apartment communities are tightly compacted and implement a chute system where residents can drop trash off at a chute door on each floor. This is often the case in large metropolitan areas. An apartment manager likely will not have the room to implement a full-sized self-contained compactor. In this case, you would use what we call an apartment compactor. An apartment compactor is small. It still has a similar compaction ratio to the full-sized compactors. But these are designed to receive garbage from chutes and compact into smaller bins that the apartment service team at your community can wheel around. This way you can still get the benefits of compacting and reducing the necessary trash pick up schedule to save money but in machines that will help you save precious space in a cramped facility. In this case, there would need to be a compactor or two in each building.

Small apartment compactor

Purchase Options

Most apartment managers are concerned about their bottom line. That is the metric that leadership judges everything. They need to make sure that their numbers work out properly. Waste equipment, like any other heavy equipment, has an upfront expense to purchasing. However, at Direct Compactor and Baler we have an industry-leading rental program that gives you the ability to rent the equipment instead of coming up with the capital up front. When you rent a Direct compactor or baler you can pay a flat monthly fee. Our team will handle the installation costs. Our team will give you a crash course in how to operate the equipment. Our team will handle all future repairs that may become necessary. Renting from Direct Compactor and Baler is the best way to make sure your equipment implementation does not have crazy repair bills in the future.

Give us a call today and let us work to help you get your solid waste expenses under control!

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