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Disposing of waste is relatively simple in smaller homes. All you need to do is carry the trash and dump it into the common dumpster in the vicinity. But in high-rise buildings, people produce tons of waste each day, which makes waste disposal increasingly complicated. One of the best solutions is to purchase or rent an apartment compactor. Here’s everything you need to know about choosing apartment compactors, especially if you’re in the construction business, have recently taken over an existing multi-family facility, or are looking for ways to decrease waste.

How To Choose The Right Apartment Compactors 

In many urban areas, waste can build up fast, and it can be expensive to keep hauling traditional open-top dumpsters. That’s why more and more people are turning to compactors as a way to help decrease the amount of trash and keep apartment complexes and other industrial buildings cleaner. Read on as we describe a few tips to help you choose the right compactor for your facility.

What is an Apartment Compactor?

Also known as high-rise compactors, apartment compactors are an incredibly efficient solution for waste management. Designed to solve issues with trash disposal in high-rise buildings, apartment compactors are machines used to reduce the size of massive waste material generated by people. Trash is fed into chutes on various floors and the chute system feeds now into the compactors on the ground floor.  This way you can manage all community waste in one place.  They often come with an enclosed disposal system that helps you avoid issues related to pilferage and safety.

Why Use an Apartment Compactor?

Apartment compactors play a critical role in decreasing waste hauling requirements by at least 50%. They offer a compaction ratio of as much as ten to one and prove highly effective in controlling the labor costs for waste processing. The maintenance team can spend more of their time on other activities and less on waste mitigation.  No matter how much waste is generated, apartment compactors help enhance the appearance and overall image of the building. 

In many apartment buildings, poor waste management leads to pest and wildlife issues like flies, vermin, rodents, and birds in and around the garbage. Apartment compactors help solve this issue. Plus, they can be equipped with Air Sanitization Systems that help eliminate waste odor in the apartment.

Depending on the complexity of the situation, apartment compactors also reduce the chances of fire hazards by organizing the waste in a proper manner.

Which Other Types of Apartment Compactors Should You Choose?

To determine what type of compactor you need, pay attention to the nature of your waste stream; is it wet waste or dry waste? For example, you will need a liquid-tight, self-contained system if you’re dealing with a high level of liquid or food waste. On the other hand, a break-away system should be more suitable if your waste is primarily dry. In this case, the container and compactor are separate units.

Here are a few of the compactor and baler options available at Direct Compactor and Baler:

Stationary Compactor

Many people choose the Stationary Compactor, as it offers the best compactor value. Stationary Compactors haveWe built it for reliable performance in both commercial and industrial situations. they can effectively reduce solid waste materials to just a fraction of their original size. Our clients love to use them for apartment compactors when a dock is available because the price is right, the compaction force is powerful, and it has less than a minute cycle time.

Self-Contained Compactor

When you want a large powerful commercial compactor that stays put while in operation, then our self-contained compactors are the choice for you. They are also designed to hold liquids, making them ideal for apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and hospitals. The entire compactor and integrated container will be transported when it’s time to empty them.

Vertical Compactor

The vertical compactor is a smaller unit ideal for customers who have limited amounts of space on property or those places that do not generate much waste but want to leverage compaction. They are is also capable of holding wet or dry debris. If you want to benefit from the advantages of a compactor but don’t have space or need for a larger unit, this is the compactor for you.

Pre-Crusher Compactor

Our pre-crusher compactor is best for eliminating lighter loads of crates, large boxes, pallets, and other waste that fill your container with air. The packing ram uses a high level of force that crushed everything in the charge box against the Pre-Crusher’s vertical steel wall. The wall then gets raised to fully extend the ram, which compacts the waste into the attached container. The entire process results in fewer trips to the landfill.

Contact Direct Compactor and Baler

Regardless of where you’re located in the US, Direct Compactor and Baler is your top choice for your apartment compactor needs. Our offices are situated in Fort Worth and Houston and we deal in both brand new and refurbished trash compactors and balers, which are available for sale and rent. 

For over 35 years, we’ve been helping businesses and households manage waste disposal. We’re here to provide valuable solutions for your waste management needs with a strong team of installers, electricians, metal fabricators, refurbishers, and repair personnel. 

For high-quality apartment compactors, reach out to Direct Compacters and Baler today. We’ll answer all of your questions, assess your goals, and make sure we match you with the exact piece of equipment you need.

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