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Suppose you’re one of those businesses using a typical trash dumpster or container or paying for trash to be hauled away. If that’s you, it’s high time you revisit your waste management strategy and invest in an industrial compactor.

A compactor is generally capable of compressing large volumes of cardboard and recyclable paper, garbage, or any other waste you need to manage. With this method, while the weight doesn’t change, space utilization is reduced by up to 80%! Surprisingly, this is not the only benefit of using an industrial compactor. There are countless others, too.

 In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the benefits of an industrial compactor.

All The Benefits Of An Industrial Compactor

In this blog post, we’ll look at a few reasons why an industrial trash compactor can help your company or organization.

Extra Space

One of the most sought-after benefits of an industrial compactor is that you’ll gain more space. It turns bulky trash into smaller and easily manageable bales and cubes. The extra space in a compactor helps to eliminate trash dumpster overflow.  This not only provides you with additional storage space but also enhances the aesthetic value of your property.

Cost Savings

Do you have to make multiple journeys to the landfill to dump the bulky waste? With an industrial compactor, that won’t be necessary. Since the bulky trash is compressed into smaller pieces, a single trip should typically be sufficient. This way, you save on the fuel costs and the price of trash removal paid to your sanitation hauling company.

Pest Control

When waste is managed through compaction it lowers or even eliminates, the hiding places for disease-spreading vermin.  No more boxes or bags left on the ground behind your facility.

Odor Control

If you have general garbage that needs to be compacted a self-contained compactor will help eliminate odor.  Additionally, you can add odor systems that will help further with the smell.  This keeps your customers from entering your business with a bad smell in their nose.

Lower Fire Hazard

When waste is compacted it eliminates overflow messes.  Most rubbish is flammable, so the smaller the area that your waste takes up the smaller the chance is that any potential fires could spread more quickly than they already will.

Flexible Solutions

Different types of industrial compactors are available in the market to choose one based on your specific needs. The two most popular varieties include stationary compactors and self-contained compactors.

If you’re dealing with dry waste such as metal, wood, and other materials that can’t be recycled, you’ll require stationary compactors. Anchored on a fixed position on the ground, their container is removed to dispose of the waste when they’re filled to capacity.

On the other hand, a self-contained compactor is more appropriate if the waste contains liquid content. It comprises an irremovable container and a sump pump system to facilitate the safe removal of liquid waste. When the unit is stuffed with waste, instead of just the container, the entire compactor is loaded on the truck for transportation to the landfill for disposal.


When a great deal of trash is compressed into smaller pieces, the amount of waste that ends up in landfills significantly reduces. Plus, as mentioned, you will be making fewer trips to the landfill, and there’ll be fewer trucks on the road carrying trash. Both of these aspects will reduce the degree of emissions in the air. Thus, your organization will earn a reputation for making a positive difference. 

Browse Through Some Of Our Equipment Options

At Direct Compactor & Baler, we will make sure you’re getting the right equipment to do the right job. We offer various equipment options, and one of our factory-trained technicians will assess your needs and recommend the right compactor for you.

Stationary Compactor

We’ve said it before, but the Stationary Compactor offers you the best bang for your buck when it comes to compactors. It’s built for commercial and medium industrial situations and effectively reduces solid waste material. With a less than a minute cycle time and an attractive price, you’ll love the powerful compaction force of the stationary compactor.

Self-Contained Compactor

This powerful commercial compactor is appealing to industrial and commercial businesses because they remain stationary while in operation. They work great for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and even grocery stores because they are also designed for the positive containment of liquids. When it’s time to empty, the entire compactor and integrated container are transported to the landfill for emptying.

Vertical Baler

Our vertical baler is excellent for waste paper, cardboard, foam rubber, aluminum cans, and plastics. These come in various sizes depending on your needs and can produce bales weighing 250-1,000 lbs.

Let Direct Compactor & Baler Help You With The Equipment You Need

Now that you know how valuable an industrial compactor can be to enhance your business practices, it’s time to make a critical investment. Direct Compactor & Baler can help you attain all the benefits discussed above with its unmatched new, and refurbished compactors.

Our rental options are popular for industrial businesses because it allows your team to budget much more effectively. We’ll handle any maintenance issues that come up on our equipment so that you can focus on your business. From shipping to installation and maintenance, we’ll handle everything necessary to get you up and running. 

With our team, you have a one-stop-shop for solving your equipment needs to help you recycle and save money on your trash expenses.  When you want help with your trash, call the best team around.

Having served clients for over 35 years now, we understand your waste management needs more than any other provider out there. To learn about our compactor options, take a look at our compactor equipment page. For reliable and high-quality compactors, contact us today.

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