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Many people just think of used industrial trash compactors and cardboard balers as stinky old rust buckets held together by old waste.  Many times, they aren’t far off.  This equipment gets used to compact an organization’s trash.  Compactors and Balers last for a long time and it’s during those years, or decades, of practical use that the wear begins to show.


Why would someone want a used compactor?  The price is usually much cheaper than new compactors and the lead times for installation can be shorter.  So, does this mean that many people buy junk?  Absolutely, to save money a lot of beat-up lemons are sold.


So why is renting or purchasing from Direct Compactor and Baler any different?  Our expert team of refurbishment technicians can breathe new life into trash compactors and cardboard balers.  This is how our industry leading refurbishment process works:

  • First, there is a multi-point inspection. The team goes over each part of the equipment, as it comes in, and notes everything that needs to be replaced, refurbished, or just repainted.
  • Secondly, parts are ordered based on that inspection.
  • After that, the machine is broken down to its component parts.
  • All metal surfaces are then stripped of rust and paint.
  • Additionally, the metal is repainted to look like new condition.
  • Next, the normal wear and tear parts are then replaced. Like the hydraulic cylinder, which is either rebuilt or replaced.  The hoses are replaced.  New oil is added to the machine.
  • The compactor or baler is put back together including the parts needed to fix it.
  • Finally, the equipment is tested by some of the best, most experienced, members of our team.


When you purchase or rent a trash compactor or cardboard baler from Direct Compactor and Baler you can rest assured that the equipment, whether it’s new or used, is a great machine at a great price.


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