by Direct Compactor | 12 Jun,2021

If you own a business that generates significant volumes of recyclables or waste, you need to have efficient waste management practices in place. The function is just as important as any other project in your business. 

Purchasing or renting a baler or compactor is a great solution to help complete this critical job. While each of these machines can significantly simplify the process of managing waste materials, the company you choose to run the operations is of utmost importance. If you’re located in Texas, Direct Baler & Compactor is the right agency for you!

In this guide, you’ll find out why you should use Direct Compactor & Baler for managing your business waste. Before that, let’s give a brief overview of the company:

About Direct Compactor & Baler

As a top-rated trash compactor and baler equipment company in Texas, Direct Compactor & Baler has been serving clients for over 35 years. With offices located in Fort Worth and Houston, the agency covers most parts of Texas. Our main goal is to sell and rent new and refurbished trash compactors and balers to other businesses. 

Our company aims to find the most cost-effective, efficient, and safest waste minimization/reduction solutions for businesses. Knowing that each business has its own unique needs, our experienced and qualified experts assess your individual situation and suggest comprehensive solutions that best meet the needs of your commercial and industrial facilities.

Now that you’re familiar with the company, let’s take a look at why you should choose us for your waste management needs:

Why Use Direct Compactor & Baler For Your Baling and Compacting Needs 

When you need help with trash expenses, turn to the #1 Texas-based trash compactor and baler equipment company. We sell and rent both new and fully refurbished trash compactors and balers nationwide. Read on as we discuss all the reasons you should use Direct Compactor & Baler.

Ensuring Compliance

When it comes to waste management, you can’t ignore state regulations. When you’re looking to purchase a compactor or baler, you should know that the installation process should comply with ANSI standards. With chute systems, fire code is a big concern. You may be required to make physical accommodations for workers before installation. Since Direct Compactor & Baler regularly installs the equipment for businesses, it’s well aware of the regulations that will help you stay compliant throughout the installation process. 

A Variety of High-Quality Equipment

Backed by the finest compaction equipment manufacturers, Direct Compactor & Baler provides all types of small and large trash compactors, including self-contained compactors, pre-crushers, stationary compactors, plastic densifiers, augurs, etc. 

For large quantities of loose plastic or cardboard boxes, the company also offers Cardboard Compactors, which will cram those materials into bales for recycling purposes.

Rental Facility

One of the most compelling reasons to choose Direct Compactor & Baler is that we not only sell compactor equipment but also provide rental plans. Our compactor rental program allows you to plan your waste management budget more effectively. Any repair and maintenance issues will be taken care of by Direct. 

If you’re not familiar with compacting and baling services, then you may not be familiar with how much the equipment costs. Though it depends on how big your company is and what you need, it can range from a couple of thousand dollars to a couple hundred thousand dollars. Some costs include shipping, installation, and repairs. Our industry-leading equipment rental program gives you the option of having a single low monthly payment so that you can make a plan and stick to your budget. Plus, we’ll take care of all those high costs, including install, shipping, repairs, etc.

Direct Compactor and Baler Can Save You Money

Does your business currently operate with Open Top or Roll-Off Containers? Those are magic words to us because it means we can save you a ton of money! With compaction services, we can save you on hauling expenses.

Though open-top containers are large and hold a lot of waste, they don’t offer compaction. This means the second they get full, you have to pay for the trash to be hauled away. The faster you fill the container up, the more you have to spend on hauling services. 

On average, we can reduce your rate of hauling by up to 75%!


We hope this guide answered your question ‘why use Direct Compactor & Baler to manage business waste?’ To learn more about the service, purchase, or rental of a compactor or baler, get in touch with our team. We’ll help you find the right piece of equipment that fits your needs and saves you money. With our team of experts, Direct Compactor & Baler can be your go-to shop for solving all of your needs to help you with trash and recycling expenses. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

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