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Businesses generate high amounts of waste on a daily basis that ends up taking a lot of space at the facility as well as requiring frequent service from external compactor companies. An effective way to manage on-site commercial waste is by renting a commercial compactor of your own for your business.

There are several benefits to having in-house commercial compactors.

6 Reasons To Rent Commercial Compactors

If you’re a retailer, managing a supermarket or apartment complex, or other large-scale commercial business, then you know that waste piles up fast. Moreover, it likely costs you a lot of time and money trying to manage it all. At Direct Compactor and Baler, we know from experience that one of the best ways to better manage and neutralize on-site commercial waste is to rent commercial compactors.

Let’s dive into some of the benefits that come with compactors:


The higher the number of pickups you schedule for your trash, the greater the cost. Commercial compactors reduce the amount of waste generated and, therefore, reduce the business’s overall cost.

If you are getting your waste picked up once a week, you could even go as low as once a month and end up reducing your waste and eventual costs by up to 60% by using a compactor. So even though you would be renting the compactor, the final expenditure would be much lower. 

You might not just be saving costs on trash collection but also labor. Breaking down and carrying trash to disposal containers requires time and effort, which you would no longer need.

Safety and Security

If you don’t want constant disturbances on-site, you need to rent a trash compactor. Having a compactor in-house means less hauling frequency and lesser trucks on your premises for trash collection.

Some businesses don’t prefer trucks on-site because of security warranted by airports or apartment complexes. Moreover, trucks coming in every day will make for a noisy environment, depriving residents of peace and quiet.

Compactors also reduce fire hazards and the need for employees having to deal with heavy equipment and chute-enabled compactors. Plus, since you’re saving space, no one has to maneuver around the waste or get held up on the job as you wait for the trash to get cleaned up. 

Better Sanitation

Compactors are a much more sanitary method to dispose of waste. Often, self-contained compactors help separate waste and its by-products. This is one of the primary reasons businesses prefer to invest in them.

If a business is prone to insect or rodent infestations, sealed compactors are feasible as they reduce odors, limit access to waste, and don’t allow wind to blow trash around. This reduces littering and labor costs of an employee having to clean up after.

Increased Efficiency

Using a trash compactor simplifies the waste management process. For example, you would not need to repeatedly check if trash bins are full and change the garbage bags. No extensive skills are required to operate a trash compactor either; all it requires is the touch of a button to make your trash compact.


Trash compactors are eco-friendly and reduce the waste generated by a considerable margin, therefore adding less to landfills and municipal dumps. You actively protect the environment by using a trash compactor.

Avoid Maintenance Costs

If you are confused between renting or buying a trash compactor, renting is a better option. You don’t have to worry about financing it, especially if you are a new business. You also don’t need to worry about maintenance costs as the rental company will take care of all necessary repairs and maintenance. 

Once you start pricing equipment, you’ll find that prices can range from anywhere from $10,000 to $2,000,000 a piece! That’s not including shipping costs, taxes, and installation – all of which can add thousands to your purchase price. Plus, you’ll be responsible for paying for all maintenance moving forward once the warranty wears off. 

Though compactors are reliable, anytime you have heavy-duty equipment like this, you can expect that you will need general repair and maintenance work at some point. Some cylinders can cost up to $6,000 to replace! At the end of the day, it’s much more cost-effective to rent commercial compactors from a trusted company that will handle the installation and maintenance for you.

Choose Direct Compactor & Baler

When you’re looking for a commercial compactor to add to your operations, choose a company with exceptional customer service that rents out commercial compactors and balers like Direct Compactor & Baler.

Renting your trash compactor from us allows you to stabilize your costs for compaction service over long periods. For one low monthly rate, the Direct Compactor & Baler experts will install a high-quality compactor or baler at your site. We cover all installation costs and manage all future repairs. We can rent to any business in the continental US. You’ll love how low the prices are compared to the great benefits that come with our rental services. 

Call us today and let us rent you a compactor immediately!

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