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Many customers call in to ask if the time is right for a trash compactor or baler.  They recognize that their business is picking up and as they process more inventory the waste keeps piling up.  Naturally, more trash requires more trash hauling.  The hauling companies do a great job of picking up that extra waste as your business flourishes, but they must charge for their services.  So, one day you look up and realize that your waste disposal bill has grown astronomically.  A natural question in response to that is likely “Is there a better way?”  The short answer is yes.  Trash compactors compress the waste you have.  This increased capacity requires fewer pick ups and saves you money.


The math doesn’t work out for everyone though.  The first thing to do is examine your waste bill to figure out what you are normally charged by your trash hauler per pick up.  When you find this out you can then project the money you will save on your bill.  The average amount of compaction that you will get out of a compactor is a 4 to 1 ratio.  This means that if you are getting 4 pick ups from your hauler in a weeks’ time then you may be able to lower that down to just once.


The next thing to consider is the type of compaction machine you need.  The waste will guide you to the type of machine necessary.  If the trash you have is largely wet or mixed, like in a restaurant or hotel, then the correct compactor will be a self-contained compactor.  This unit will be watertight and won’t allow waste to leak.   If the waste is large volume of dry waste, then a stationary compactor may be the correct solution.  If the bulk of your waste is cardboard or plastic, then a baler may save you on hauls.


Also, keep in mind that if you are baling cardboard, plastic, or any other recyclables then those have a value to recycling haulers.  They are commodities.  If you seek out a separate recycling hauler for those goods, then you will be paid by that hauler based on current market rates.


Everyone is concerned about their budget.  The rental rate for a compactor or baler is determined by the type of machine that you need.  It is a very low cost per month.  When you rent, all repairs and maintenance are handled by us.  This allows you to project your total costs out over the life of your equipment rental.  The other great piece of news is that the rental is tax deductible.


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