by Direct Compactor | 5 Mar,2024

You are sitting there with a mountain of trash piling up at your facility and your team is wondering just how they are going to get it all into your mostly full dumpsters.  What should you do?  It’s time for an industrial trash compactor.  What kind should you get?


The first question is whether your waste is wet or dry.  If you are in manufacturing or distribution a lot of your trash will be dry.  This means that you can use what we call a stationary compactor.  In other words, a compactor that stays at your location and a receiver box that can detach from it that your hauler will take away.

If your waste is largely wet, like at a restaurant or apartment complex, then you would need a watertight solution called a self-contained compactor.  This is one where the compactor and the receiver box are permanently attached with a watertight seal.  You won’t have to worry about leaking into the driveway.

If you are in a high-rise situation then maybe an apartment style compactor is the best solution.  These smaller stationary compactors sit under large chutes so that your tenants can throw waste down.  Once the trash falls into the compactor the machine pushes the waste into smaller receivers that can be stored until your local waste hauler comes by.

Small apartment compactor

If you have a lot of cardboard, then maybe a baler is the right solution for you.  The sort of baler you need will be partially determined by the volume of cardboard you go through.

All of this can seem overwhelming to someone who has never had to deal with trash compactors before.  However, our team to make it easy and get you get what you need fast.  Our experts can walk you through a handful of questions that will lead to the right solution.  Give us a call today for help with your compaction solution.  (817) 769 – 8340

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