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What Are Trash Compactors And Why Do You Need One?

There’s one thing that many business owners don’t think about before starting their business: garbage disposal. Only after they begin working do they realize how big a part waste stream management plays in their operations. Waste disposal is not the most glamorous part of your job by any means, but understanding your needs will help you keep costs down and production high. 

A trash compactor is one of the many tools you can use for waste management. Businesses can use commercial trash compactors to reduce the volume of their trash. They all work by applying immense pressure to non-recyclable trash with a pneumatic or hydraulic press. 

But what benefit do trash compactors offer your business? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why Trash Compactors Are Beneficial To Your Business

There are so many reasons why trash compactors are beneficial for your business. Whether you’re renting or buying one for your company, let’s discuss what trash compactors are used for and why you need one.

Reduce Waste Management Costs

By reducing the volume of your waste, you can decrease the amount of space it takes up. This way, the trash fits in your dumpsters more easily. When haulers come by to pick up your garbage, they charge fees according to the trash size. Compacting your trash will thus lead to lower hauler fees, which are always on the rise nowadays.  The current compaction ratio is anywhere from 3 to 1 or 4 to 1.  This means that a compactor can save you 2 or 3 picks on average for each filled receiver.

One other way it reduces hauler fees is through fewer pickups. All haulers charge you for services on a per pickup basis. By compacting your trash, you can reduce the need for frequent pickups. Fewer pickups mean lower charges.

A Cleaner Space

There’s no getting around the fact that garbage looks awful and smells even worse. Without a compactor, your trash would usually be overflowing from dumpsters and bins. That’s extremely unhygienic too and could be a big problem if you own a restaurant.

Self-contained trash compactors are air-tight and liquid-tight, so they eliminate most of the nauseating smell of garbage. Your space will look a hundred times more sanitary and welcoming. 

Improve Safety

By having an air-tight container, you eliminate almost any chance of pesky little vermin and insects getting into your trash. Insects and vermin can be a source of diseases and other health issues.  Not to mention, potential city code violations.

Overflowing trash is also a fire risk. Overflowing garbage can leave your space vulnerable to accidental fires. Plus, a lot of liquid waste is potentially toxic to humans and the environment. An air-tight and liquid-tight self-contained compactor keeps the garbage away from danger.

You can also decrease employee pilferage because you don’t need to send them outside unsupervised anymore. With a dog house, no unauthorized personnel can access your compactor, either. 

Direct Compactor Equipment Options

Let’s discuss some of the options that Direct Compactor & Baler can offer you.

First, the Stationary Compactor will get you the most bang for your buck. It’s built for both industrial and medium industrial workspaces. It’s reliable, attractively priced, and features less than one minute to reduce solid waste material to a fraction, roughly ¼, of its original size.

Next, our Self-Contained Compactor is a powerful commercial compactor that is transported and operated as a single unit. It’s designed for the positive containment of liquid, and it’s an excellent solution for restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, and hotels. This option is transported to the landfill with the entire compactor and integrated container.

We also have a vertical compactor option that is a little smaller and designed for businesses with only a tiny amount of space. This is also an acceptable solution for those areas that do not generate much waste. The vertical compactor can handle wet restaurants or standard office waste.

Lastly, our Pre-Crusher will eliminate “light loads,” which includes large boxes, crates, pallets, and more. All of your trash and recycling gets effectively crushed against a vertical steel wall with a high level of force. If you’re looking for fewer trips to the landfill, this might be the solution you’re looking for.

Try Renting A Trash Compactor From Direct Compactor & Baler Today

As if there weren’t enough benefits of buying trash compactors already, wait till you hear about renting them. When you rent a trash compactor from Direct Compactor & Baler:

  • There are zero maintenance costs
  • There is zero capital expenditure
  • There are zero repair costs
  • You get a 100% tax-deductible compactor for all uses

Not sure what you need? Our factory-trained technicians will discuss all of your goals with you and recommend the best unit to get the job done. If you’re still using open-top roll-off containers, let us show you a better way. Though these containers are large and hold a lot, they don’t have the compaction power to help you save time and money. The faster you fill those dumpsters, the more you have to spend to get it hauled away to a landfill. 

Give us a call at (817) 769-8340 or get a quick quote from our website to start saving up to 25% on waste hauling today!

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