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When I was younger, I had this old blue car that produced more smoke than any two other cars combined.  It was one of those big comfy vehicles that could make it through an auto accident unscathed.  I loved that car.  The problem was with repairs.  To keep that smog machine running cost most of my paycheck regularly.  One day I realized that I had blown the head gasket for the second time in 6 months and that was it.  The cost to repair was just too much.  Eventually I had to trade in my beloved transportation.


Some things in this world are just money pits.  No matter how much money you invest in repairs they will just gobble that up and still cost you more.  Like me and my old car, you may be staring at your trash compactor or cardboard baler and adding up how much it will take to fix it “this time”.  If so, then we have a great solution for you.

With the Direct Compactor and Baler rental program we will replace your old beat-up equipment with trash compactors or cardboard balers that are ready to go.  We also take care of all installation, repair, and replacement costs through the life of the rental.  All you need to allocate is a small monthly rate, which can be easily planned for in your budget, and moving forward we ensure you have great working equipment.

If you find yourself in need of a solution to your compaction-related budget woes, then give us a call today!  We are excited to provide expert advice and help you get started on a more sustainable compaction journey.  (817) 769-8340

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