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There are many factors you must consider when deciding if renting a trash compactor is right for you.  Trash compactors are useful tools that allow you to save a ton of money on your waste hauling bill.  Cardboard balers can make it easier to recycle.  The challenge for many people is whether to purchase this relatively expensive equipment or to rent it.  Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why renting one of these wonderful machines may be the right idea for your organization.


  1. In many cases the rent is tax deductible. Meaning that you can absorb the cost of the monthly rental fees into your annual taxes.  However, please contact a tax professional before making any tax related decisions.


  1. One of the highest costs of ownership for trash compactors and cardboard balers is repairs. Repairs can routinely cost thousands of dollars depending on how old the equipment is, how long it takes to repair, and how easy the parts are to source.  With our rental program the repair of trash compactors and cardboard balers is included.  This makes it easy for your team.  Whenever a piece of equipment breaks down you can call us, and we will rush over and repair it.



  1. Instead of having to absorb either high repair costs or a higher purchase price, your team can budget for one low monthly fee.  On our rental program there are no financial surprises when it comes to possessing a trash compactor or cardboard baler.  You can use the equipment without fear of what fees may be lurking down the road.



  1. When you rent a trash compactor or cardboard baler, we take care of all the installation and deinstallation challenges. Your team will be responsible for making sure power is run to a disconnect box at the installation site, and that is it.  Of course, the equipment needs to be installed on concrete but most customers have that anyway.  Beyond that, we will handle everything else.



  1. In writing there is a response time that we agree to. With rental customers our goal is to keep you up and running.  If you want to maximize the amount of time you can use your equipment, then renting is the best option for you.


If you read about these benefits and want to know how to take the next steps, please give us a call today!  Our expert team will be there to support you and help you get started.  (817) 769-8340

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