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There are many ways that renting a trash compactor, or cardboard baler, can save your business money.  Some of them are obvious like compaction saving you money on your hauling bill.  While others are less obvious.  Below we will discuss some of the most common ways renting a trash compactor benefits your organization financially.

One of the least known financial benefits of renting a trash compactor is that, in many cases, the rent is tax deductible.  That means that the investment you make in the equipment can wash out in your taxes.  As with any tax related topic, please speak with your tax professional to confirm your specific case.

Additionally, you can save money on your trash bill.  When you use a trash compactor your trash hauler doesn’t need to pick up your trash as often.  You pay for each and every trip they make to your facility.  So, fewer trips mean fewer trip charges.  This may be, for many people, the single biggest financial benefit of renting a trash compactor.

The next benefit is the savings you can get by stopping internal theft.  Most employees are good honest people.  Unfortunately, some people steal.  If that is the case in your organization, please remember that one of the schemes employees utilize is to take the desirable goods out with the trash and then, on their way home, pick up their prizes from in or around the waste bin.  Our amazing team can walk you through a series of measures that can be put into place that can virtually eliminate your bad actors’ plans to steal using your waste stream.


Another great financial benefit of renting trash compactors is lessening your issues with parking lot smell, bugs, or rodents.  With a fully self-contained trash compactor you don’t have to worry as much about citations from the city or county.  You don’t have to worry about parking lot spills or odors.  You will keep the pest population in your waste stream down.  Essentially you benefit your businesses reputation while saving money on citations.

There is a lesser-known issue that affects most people who only utilize a dumpster in their waste stream.  If you stand outside an open dumpster long enough you will see community members drive by and drop their waste in.  Some brazen dumpers will trash objects as big as couches, refrigerators, etc.  You must pay for those cans to be dumped.  With an enclosed trash compactor system our team can show you how to keep the community out of your waste stream and lower the number of hauls you need because of non-business-related waste.

Finally, with rentals, ongoing hard costs like installation, deinstallation, repairs, replacements, etc. are all covered in your low monthly rent.  This allows you to have one relatively low budget line item for your trash compactor without the surprises, or headaches, of replacing parts down the line.  This is one of the biggest advantages of renting over purchasing.

These benefits, and many more, are applicable to everyone who rents a trash compactor.  If you would like to find out how you can get your own trash compactor give us a call today.  Our experienced team of experts will walk you through your specific use case and come up with the best solution for you.  (817) 769 – 8340

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