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Compactors are among the most popular machines when it comes to waste management processes. Waste volume can be significantly reduced using a commercial compactor, which has many benefits for business owners. Compactors free up space, prevent dumpster rummaging and stealing, and help you avoid foul odors and vermin issues.

Any business that wants to improve its waste management systems can definitely benefit from a commercial compactor. However, it might be hard to know which compactor is right for your business. Two main types of compactors offer their own unique advantages; stationary vs. self-contained compactors. Here we describe some of the key differences so that you can make the right decision for your business or organization. 

Differences Between Stationary Vs. Self-contained Compactors

We know just how expensive waste disposal can be, especially if you generate a lot of waste. Storage and transport costs can really start to add up. When you invest in a compactor, you can minimize your expenses and make it easier to manage the waste. Like we mentioned above, there are different kinds of compactors available on the market today, and you should choose them based on the type of waste you produce on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn more about stationary vs. self-contained compactors.

Self-Contained Compactors

The main difference between stationary vs. self-contained compactors is the type of waste that each one gathers. A self-contained compactor is designed for waste that produces liquids after being compacted. Usually, wet and granulated waste materials are placed inside to avoid the liquids creating a mess, which can be an issue for compactors that aren’t self-contained. With other compactors, the liquid must be dealt with separately from the solid waste. Without the convenient container, it can be quite a hassle to deal with. 

Self-contained compactors are just like they sound; the container is attached to the machine that is specifically used to gather liquid waste, making it easy to dispose of safely and responsibly. It’s designed so that none of the liquids soak into the solid waste during compacting either, so you avoid the time and hassle of cleanup every time you use the compactor. They usually feature drainable sumps so that they are equipped to handle this job.

Stationary Compactors

Stationary compactors are best used for solid waste where there isn’t a risk of liquids leaking and making a mess during the compacting process. Stationary compactors are suitable for newspapers, cardboard, and similar materials. 

Another difference is that stationary compactors are secured to the ground, meaning they can’t be easily moved once they’ve been installed. Securing compactors into the ground reduces the vibrations during the compaction process, and it keeps the entire machine secure and in position. 

Stationary compactors are typically much more extensive than self-contained compactors due to the types of materials usually recycled in them. Typically they come in various size options, so reach out to an expert, and they will help you decide what works best for the amount of monthly waste you go through.

Direct Compactor & Baler Equipment Options

Our line of compactors can efficiently and safely compress both wet and dry waste. You’ll love the significant reduction in overall cost associated with waste removal and the time you’ll save on cleanup and trash hauls. The reduction in waste also means less contribution to land-fills and finally being able to meet your sustainability goals and policies. Here are some of the specifics for stationary vs. self-contained compactors at Direct Compactor & Baler. 

Stationary Compactor

Our Stationary Compactor is the best value when it comes to value. It’s built for reliable performance for both commercial and medium industrial situations and reduces solid waste material to a fraction of its original size. Our customers love the cost and the less than one minute cycle time. 

Our compactor is ANSI Z245.5 compliant, has excellent compaction ratios, and has clearly marked controls to make it easy to use. It also has a safety door with security switches and comes with full maintenance on all rentals, so you can trust you’re getting a safe and reliable machine.

Self-Contained Compactor

Our self-contained compactor remains stationary in operation, and they are specifically designed for the positive containment of liquids – making them perfect for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. They are recommended for restaurant and cafeteria waste as well as small material waste. When it’s time to empty, the entire compactor and integrated contained are transported.

We offer full maintenance for rentals, and every piece of equipment we rent and sell has a warranty. Some more specs include:

  • Safety Door With Security Switches
  • Remanufactured and Painted
  • 10 Hp
  • ANSI Z245.5 Compliance
  • Warrantied Equipment
  • Min. Waste Rating 1.30 vc
  • Min. Clear Top Opening 35” x 55”
  • Min. 48” Ground Feed Height

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