by Direct Compactor | 9 Oct,2023

Are you spending too much on your solid waste hauling bill?  Most people find that they are.  Your hauling bill is made up of different fees for the service of taking away your organization’s waste.  The hauling partner you use must charge you for many things to account for all their costs.  They charge rent on the waste receptacle you get from them.  They charge per pick up.  They charge per pound of that pickup.  They charge a monthly rate.  They may also have additional charges for things like fuel and environmental.


Given all these costs how might you save a little money?  There is no single solution to the problem of bloated waste hauling bills.  What’s provided here are some practical ideas for you to start saving money now.


  • Firstly, contact your waste hauler and see if you can re-negotiate your hauling agreement. They may ask you to sign a new agreement but that shouldn’t be an issue if you can achieve more favorable terms. They may decline but it never hurts to ask.



  • If that doesn’t work, you can contact other waste haulers to get competitive quotes. If you have been working with a waste hauler for a long time you may be surprised at the savings you can find this way.



  • Look at what type of receptacle you are putting your waste in now. If you don’t own the can outright then you may be paying rent on it.  Check to see how full it gets versus how often it’s picked up.  This gives you the opportunity to downsize either the cans and/or number of pickups the hauler is providing.  A smaller can is a cheaper can in most cases.


  • Going green can help your bottom line. Many people, who aren’t recycling already, don’t realize that all the cardboard and plastic that they are throwing away can be diverted into a recycling program.  A company will typically have a separate recycling hauler from their waste hauler.  That recycling hauler should be paying you for the recyclables because they resell those commodities.  The rate fluctuates based on market pricing for cardboard or plastic, but it generally offsets the hauling fees making it free or cheap to use a recycling hauler.  Once implemented, this saves you haul fees and tonnage fees, thereby saving a good deal of money and doing your part to help the Earth at the same time.


  • Renting a cardboard baler can help you make more money on recyclables. The recycling hauler must package their cardboard into 1,000 lb. bales to resell that product to the paper mills.  Many times, they will pay you more if your organization will bale them instead.  This saves the recycling hauler time and money on packaging.  Baled recyclables also help for storing large quantities of recyclables as bales are compact and stackable.


  • Renting a stationary, or self-contained, compactor can help with either general waste or recyclables. You can smash your waste stream into a compactor that will give you a compaction ratio of roughly 4 to 1, depending on the material being compacted.  Let’s say you are getting your dumpster hauled every day then a compactor will help you go from five pick ups a week down to one or two.  You can figure up your savings by looking at how much it costs each time you have your trash picked up by your waste hauler.

There are a lot of ways to get your hauling bill down.  Going with a compaction equipment rental solution is a HIGHLY effective way to accomplish the goal of saving money.  We recommend that you use a separate equipment rental company from your trash or recycling hauling partners.  In keeping them separate you are free to negotiate and change hauling providers for more favorable terms based on what’s best for your business.  All that changes is the pickup and not the equipment.


If you want to get a trash compactor or cardboard baler (especially in TEXAS cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, San Antonio etc.) then we would love to help you out.  Please give Direct Compactor and Baler a call today! Our team of experts is ready to supply you with whatever you need.  817-769-8340


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