by Direct Compactor | 2 May,2024

Does your trash compactor have more holes than a cheese grater?  Do you wish that your cardboard baler ran better?  Have you noticed that your compaction equipment is held together by cobwebs?  It may be time to replace your machine.

Just like a car with high mileage, compactors can wear down.  Even with proper maintenance parts can go out, steel can rust, and hydraulics can leak.  When this happens the owner of said equipment must decide whether they will continue to fix the equipment or just replace it.  Sometimes the cost of a repair can exceed the remaining value of the machine and for most that means it’s time to replace.


So, what are your options?

First, you could purchase a new trash compactor.

Second, you could purchase a refurbished trash compactor.

Third, you could rent a replacement trash compactor.


A little-known fact about rental programs, like the one Direct Compactor has, other than install, deinstall, repairs, etc. being covered, is that when the equipment no longer makes sense to repair it will be replaced.  One of the greatest values to the customer who rents is that they will always have a quality trash compactor to use.

Apartment compactor

If you are interested in purchasing a trash compactor or cardboard baler, or better yet taking advantage of our rental program, you can reach us at (817) 769 – 8340.

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