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Growth is almost always a good thing. Whether it’s an increase in business, an increase in population, growth is typically synonymous with success. However, one of the challenges that come with this growth is a massive increase in the amount of solid waste being thrown out.

When your whole city starts producing more trash than it used to in the past, problems can arise. The number of trash pickups has increased significantly, leading to dangerously higher carbon emissions. You might have also noticed an abundance of ugly and foul-smelling dumpsters that are just taking up valuable space. Furthermore, people around town might even start to see an influx of rodents living in and around those dumpsters. We’re here to give a few ways in which trash compactors can help growing trash issues and provide a budget and environmentally friendly solution.

Ways That Trash Compactors Can Help Growing Trash Issues

Trash compactors can help growing trash issues in every city, and it can start with small businesses. Let’s go over some of the benefits that using trash compactors can have in your area.


First of all, let’s address the big one – trash isn’t pretty. Seeing overflowing dumpsters in alleyways and around our favorite businesses looks bad and smells worse. When cities and towns replace some of these dumpsters with a trash compactor, it improves the aesthetics and practicality. A trash compactor can hold up to four times the amount of waste that an open-top container can. They also conceal the unsightly look of trash on the street and even mask the smell. 

Did you know that open-top containers also attract rodents? Mice and rats are not a tourist attraction, and they can carry harmful diseases and even spread parasites like fleas and ticks. When the trash is abundant in your town, it creates an environment for these rodents to thrive. The smell alone is enough to attract them to your local dumpster and provide them a source of food and a shelter to breed in. Trash compactors can be a proven tool to combat rodent issues because they conceal the smell. The lack of smell and the lack of an open-top dumpster encourages rodents to look elsewhere for food and shelter. Trash compactors create a much cleaner environment and a healthier overall community.

Environmental Responsibility

Businesses and companies need to think about implementing trash compactors because the excess of trash is not good for the environment. Excessive waste leads to increased trash pickups, which leads to rising carbon emissions. Trash compactors can help growing trash issues by decreasing the number of necessary trash pick-ups. A compactor can generally reduce the number of pick-ups by up to 75%. Fewer pickups mean fewer emissions from the trucks pick up the trash.

How Trash Compactors Can Help

If you’re still wondering how cities use trash compactors to help growing trash issues, we thought we’d share some of the histories of towns that have used trash compactors as a part of their waste management. One example is Washington DC, which implemented its FY19 DC Commercial Compactor Demonstration Grant Program, providing business grants to help companies purchase or lease commercial trash compactors. This program’s goal was to help promote sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and combating sanitation issues, like the rodents we mentioned above.

A smaller city, The City of New Canaan, replaced seven dumpsters with a single compactor in their popular downtown area to address both the aesthetic of the neighborhood and decrease the existence of rodents. They are currently developing plans to implement this city in other places as well. 

A growing city will inevitably have to deal with a rising waste volume, so having a plan to use trash compactors can help alleviate excessive trash and the problems that come with that.

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