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So, it’s time to get a trash compactor or cardboard baler.  You know you have a problem with your waste stream.  You know need a compaction solution to save money on your trash hauling.  But where do you start?  Renting equipment is easier than you may think.   With just a few easy-to-follow steps you can have the equipment you need scheduled for installation.

The first thing you need to do is identify the partner you want to work with.  By contacting the team of your choosing you are streamlining the process and gaining access to their collective experience.  They can help you take the next step and know exactly what to do. For instance, here at Direct Compactor and Baler, we have a top-notch rental program operated by our most experienced team members so we can ensure success for your project.


The right partner will walk you through a sequence of questions designed to identify exactly what machine is right for your situation.  Things like power requirements, the type of waste being compacted, how much space you have at your installation site, the best spot to put the equipment, etc. are needed to pick the right piece of equipment.  Your partner can help you step by step to get the results you want.


Once you have determined the best machine for you it’s time to complete the paperwork.  You will have to agree to the equipment, length of rental, and the monthly price.

Scheduling is the most important step.  Here you will be required to complete any sitework required for installation.  Once that’s done a coordinator, at your chosen partner, can schedule your equipment installation.  This coordinator will walk you through any last-minute tasks you need to know about.  They will make sure the project is successful.


Finally, you use the equipment and save money on your trash hauling.


Here at Direct Compactor and Baler, we pride ourselves on being an industry leading trash compactor and cardboard baler rental company with an easy time-tested process to follow.  If you need help with a compactor or baler you can call today!  817-769-8340

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