by Direct Compactor | 27 Dec,2023

You have cardboard boxes.  They are piling up and the team has begun to ask you how to get rid of them.  Maybe you should consider recycling.



Recycling is good for the environment.  It’s a positive thing to do for its own merit.  Additionally, cardboard is a commodity like any other.  When your cardboard is collected and shipped to a recycler, they are likely to pay you for that waste/commodity.  It is packaged up and traded between large firms to be remanufactured into fresh, clean, cardboard boxes that can then be sold again as new.  Because of this a recycling hauler is, in most cases, separate from your general waste hauler.   Recycling will require you to separate your waste stream, putting the trash in the trash receptacles and the cardboard in the recycling ones.  In most cases, because your recycling hauler will make money off the commodity, they are picking up the costs to haul away your recyclables.

If you supply loose cardboard the hauler will likely pay out less because they must reprocess it before reselling.  If you want to maximize your payout then you may need to consider getting a cardboard baler, make cardboard bales.


commercial waste compactors


Whatever your organization’s size there is a solution that fits you.   Let the experts at Direct Compactor and Baler help you get the right start for your cardboard journey.  We can supply balers, compactors, augurs, receiver boxes, etc.  (817) 769-8340

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