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You may be a manufacturer with a high throughput of goods that move in and out of your facility faster than you can conceivably track.  So, your pile of OCC is stacking to the ceiling.  Or you could be a busy multifamily organization with a lot of tenants to support.  Chances are, you’re piling up tons of cardboard from their online shopping etc. that you need to get rid of.  Most organizations will face the challenge of addressing their mountains of cardboard at some point.  If you feel overwhelmed by your cardboard box situation, then read on.  Some of our customers fill entire warehouses with nothing but empty OCC boxes that they need to do away with before contacting the experts at Direct Compactor and Baler.  So, we wanted to share a guide to walk you through your different options for disposing of your empty cardboard boxes.


General Trash


The first option would be to just throw the boxes away in a dumpster.  Treating your boxes like general waste seems like an easy solution at first.  After all, your trash hauler is already removing the rest of your trash.  The problem is that cardboard boxes are filled with empty space.  If not broken down, they maintain their shape in the can artificially filling it up.  Once the can is full the hauler will charge you each time; they need to empty it.   If a good percentage of your waste is cardboard, then you can find out very quickly that your trash hauling bill grows significantly over time as the hauler must manage your teams need to get rid of your empty air.


Cutting down your boxes can help a lot, but it’s not right for everyone.  Firstly, some companies find that they must pay employees full-time wages just to do that job, making it one of the most expensive solutions.  Secondly, box cutter related accidents are some of the most common challenges in modern workplace safety.  Finally, even doing this you will find that not only between the layers of cardboard but also your volumes alone may still make this a costly solution for your team.


Whatever your organization’s size there is a solution that fits you.   Let the experts at Direct Compactor and Baler help you get the right start for your cardboard journey.  We can supply balers, compactors, augurs, receiver boxes, etc.  (817) 769-8340


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