by Direct Compactor | 25 Sep,2023

Apartment compactor

Sometimes your budget may be in such a place that management over your department decides that an additional purchase for a trash compactor or cardboard baler is not feasible.  We can help.


It may be that you have spent your budget for the year.  It may be that your corporate team has decided on a pause in spending, better known as a spending freeze, for strategic reasons such as an economic downturn or saving up for a big corporate purchase.  Whatever the case, this doesn’t stop you from getting the trash compactor or baler you need.


Instead of making an unplanned $30,000.00 purchase you can make small monthly payments.  When you rent it activates a couple of points of synergy with your organization’s financial goals.

  1. You don’t have to pay for unplanned service of the equipment. That is covered in the monthly rental rate.
  2. You don’t have to pay anything down except the first month’s rent.
  3. You aren’t out of pocket for the total of the large purchase.
  4. Your payments, as of the time this is written, are tax deductible.
  5. You can have one relatively low payment instead of being out of pocket a huge purchase.
  6. Most importantly you aren’t delaying the savings you will get by compacting!


Communicating these benefits to help your management and financial teams understand the benefits of your rental can go a long way to a successful equipment acquisition.


Renting is the key to getting what you need, no matter your circumstances.  Direct Compactor and Baler are one of the best equipment rental companies in the trash business.  Give us a call today to get what you need NOW!


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