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Balers and compactors are effective machines primarily used by businesses to reduce the size of the waste materials they process daily. The main difference between the two is that compactors help minimize trash volume, whereas balers can process recyclables. 

Compactors can reduce volumes of trash in a limited area and process different kinds of waste to decrease waste volume. On the other hand, balers help pack vast amounts of recyclable materials into compressed packages that are easier to store and transport.

Easy Tips On How to Choose the Right Compactor or Baler

Here’s how to choose the right compactor or baler for your business needs: 

1. Consider the Amount of Material that You Need to Process

As a business owner, your equipment purchase decision must be guided by the quantity of material you need to process at your facility. Every business generates a different volume of waste. You need to assess this amount to determine how much a baler or compactor will be tasked with before you decide to purchase or rent the equipment. Balers and compactors come in a variety of sizes and price ranges. However, you can also rent from Direct Compactor and Baler!  Before you invest in one, ensure you are clear on the material it intends to process and recycle and make your selection accordingly.

2. Take the Types of Material You Need to Process into Consideration 

You should measure the overall efficiency of a baler or compactor before you make a purchase or rent one out. There are several types of compactors and balers that pack and process different types of materials. Take into account the nature of your business and the variety of materials you recycle when learning how to choose the right compactor or baler. Choosing the right piece of equipment can help you store and transport your waste much more economically. 

3. Keep in Your Mind Your Capacity to Use the Equipment Safely

Not many people are aware of this, but waste handling and recycling can be hazardous. Businesses that use machines like balers and compactors need to be extra careful since this type of heavy machinery has many moving parts and crushing rams that can be deadly if not correctly operated. Look for equipment that has simple safety features and can handle materials in a way that does not put your staff at risk. Training your employees to properly use the equipment can prevent accidents on the job.  

4. Consider Convenience and Location 

Thinking of buying a compactor or baler? Following are some questions you should be asking:

  • Is the machine located in the appropriate place for the easiest use? 
  • What is the loading height of the machine?
  • Can I add value by loading through the wall? 

Many businesses misuse a baler or a compactor and place it in an area that does not benefit them. If you have a spacious place on-site that you want to use for compaction or baling equipment, consider its dimensions when finding a suitable machine. 

The location of your compactor or baler impacts costs. They require that you run power to the installation site and that you ensure safety requirements are met. If you are getting a baler, those tend to operate better long-term covered, where a self-contained can be out in the open. Bringing this topic up early can solve a lot of challenges and money in the future.  Also, location impacts adoption and if your employees don’t use the equipment because it is too far away from the general work area that will need to be addressed.

Buy or Rent a Baler and Compaction Equipment from Direct Compactor and Baler Today!

At Direct Compactor and Baler, we have a range of different types of compactors and balers. 

Our stationary compactors areis built for reliable performance in commercial and medium industrial situations. TheyIt reduces solid waste materials and are an excellent value for the price. 

The self-contained compactor is a commercial compactor that remains stationary while in operation. These compactors are designed to contain liquids from restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, hospitals, and more. The entire compactor and integrated container can be transported to the landfill for emptying.

A vertical compactor is a smaller unit made for those who have limited space or don’t generate much waste. Customers can benefit from the advantages of vertical compactors because they can hold wet restaurant waste or dry office waste.

Our Pre-Crusher models eliminates those “light loads” that fill your container with air, things like pallets, crates, and large boxes. The packing ram effectively crushes everything into a much smaller size, which means fewer trips to the landfill! 

Lastly, we also have vertical balers that are specifically designed for industrial and commercial waste management. They are perfect for baling waste paper, cardboard, foam rubber, plastics, and aluminum cans – they are capable of producing bales weighing 250-1,000 pounds.

To determine which one best suits your needs, call us today at +1 (713) 462-3733. Our team of expert technicians will teach you how to choose the right compactor or baler and find the suitable machine that fulfills your purpose.

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