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Waste disposal is a critical obligation that has its own costs. It’s no wonder that you, as a business owner and/or operator, want to know how much you may need to set aside for the job. If you do your research and find the right waste management services, waste disposal doesn’t have to be costly. 

This guide will take you through the cost of waste disposal. 

Your Answer To How Expensive Is Waste Disposal

Though many contributing factors go into the actual cost of waste disposal, there are a few average costs that we can give you for a better idea of how much of your monthly budget is going into waste disposal and management. Then, we hope to show you how having a baler or compactor can help your business save money, space, and time. Ready to get started? Here we go!

Average Cost of Industrial Waste Disposal

Waste disposal costs vary depending on the amount and type of waste generated. When determining the cost of waste disposal, you must be aware of the difference between junk, trash, waste, and compost removal.

  • Junk Removal is a one-time removal of bulky waste such as furniture, major appliances, etc. The job is performed by junk removal professionals and costs around $60 to $800. For example, the removal of a single refrigerator unit costs around $50 to $150. Since appliances like these carry Freon gas, throwing them away poses a threat to the ozone layer. Hiring a waste removal company is the only viable solution.
  • Trash removal is a monthly obligation provided by a private contractor or the city and costs around $50 to $100.
  • Waste Removal involves the disposal of hazardous materials, including construction debris, electronics, chemicals, and so on. Either your city or a waste removal company performs this task, and costs significantly vary.
  • Compost removal involves disposing of tree limbs, yard waste, organic materials, and compostable food scraps. Again, the city or waste removal contractors in your area will perform the job, charging you between $70 and $500.

How to Minimize Waste Disposal Costs?

As a business owner, reducing the waste management cost should be among your top concerns. One of the best strategies to minimize the cost is to hire a compactor or baler service to help you compress the waste. This should reduce the size of the overall size of your waste, thereby reducing the disposal fees. 

Moreover, when your business generates large volumes of solid waste, it must be stored in a sturdy container such as a dumpster before it’s sent to a waste management facility. Using a compactor or baler helps free up a lot of storage space, which can be used for other business needs.

However, the company you choose for compactor or baler service will make a huge difference, so you’ll need to make this decision wisely.

Benefits of Using A Compactor or Baler

When you want an affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly way to manage your waste, then you really should consider renting a compactor or baler. Compactors can help you drastically reduce the size of the waste and recycled items before they get sent to the landfill. When you find the right size and the right manufacturer, many benefits come with these unique pieces of equipment.

We know that as business owners, you’re not only wondering how expensive is waste disposal, you’re immediately thinking about how to reduce those costs whenever possible. If your monthly fees are higher than you would like, you might be surprised to learn that a compactor or baler can reduce your waste costs by roughly 25%. Compactors condense all of your waste, and less trash means fewer trash hauls. 

Additionally, if your business generates large volumes of solid waste, you likely have several large dumpsters or open-top containers sitting around waiting to be hauled off. When you use a compactor or baler to compress some of that trash and recycling, you free up valuable space that you could be using for other items relating to your business.

Lastly, when you buy or rent balers and compactors, you can potentially increase your company’s ability to generate revenue through recycling. When recycle goods have been compacted and baled, they can quickly be sent to a recycling center and not be lumped into the rest of your waste. Some recycling centers will give you cash on the spot for your baled recyclables, making it a profitable strategy for your business.


To sum it up, waste disposal is an unavoidable task that adds to business costs. You should have a much better idea of how expensive waste disposal is. 

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. By choosing a Compactor or baler service that focuses on efficiency and sustainability, you can save big in the long run.

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