by Direct Compactor | 21 Aug,2023

There are times when your business needs compaction equipment, but the market doesn’t allow for ready access.  As of today, interest rates are on the rise and business capital is slowing down because of it.  During times like these companies still need to save money on their waste stream.  Trash compactors and balers for waste and recyclables absolutely save most companies money.  However, compactor prices tend to increase in relation to these types of market conditions.  So, in a tight spot how do you acquire the compaction equipment you need?

Obviously, if you have general waste, you get a trash compactor.  If you have cardboard or other recyclables you can get a compactor, cardboard baler, or augur.  The problem?  There are high upfront costs to acquire this equipment.  When interest rates are down a capital expenditure like a compactor is easy for many organizations to justify the purchase and depreciation of.  However, when interest rates are high these types of projects can often be put on hold.

commercial waste compactors

In times like these the option of renting becomes more appealing.  For a low predictable monthly fee, a company can get the trash compactor and/or baler they need.  The installation, deinstallation, repair, maintenance, and any potential replacement are all covered for through the manageable rental amount.  This acquisition solution works well in any capital market.  As budgets and interest rates start to squeeze a department it’s helpful to save money on your waste hauling without acquiring unexpected expenditures.  Renting means you don’t have to worry about interest rates or capital expenditures.


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