Container / Receiver Repair

Whether you have a fleet of rusted roll offs, a pile of hole filled dumpsters, or compactor receivers that look like they were sent through a shredder we have a team of trained container repair professionals who can help. Our fabricators spend all day refurbishing metal solid waste containers. We can help you accomplish your goals. We start each can with fresh eyes to asses the best path forward to bring it back up to spec.

Metal Dumpsters

We can help you manage the repair challenges that go along with owning a fleet of dumpsters. We can replace dumpster bottoms. We can repair or re attach the hook openings. The lids and Rods can be replaced. We can grind the rust and repaint the cans. We can reattach reflective tape and signage. Our expert technicians will keep your cans in good repair so you can focus on keeping your trucks on the road.

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Large Roll-Offs are often damaged and abused as large manufacturing or construction waste beats against the metal hull. Over time entire panels will need to be replaced along with smaller parts like hookups, seals, hook lifts, etc. Once the Roll Offs are gone through by our team your old beat-up containers will allow you to put your best foot forward at your client’s site.

Compactor Receivers

Trash Compactors need regular maintenance. While there are not a lot of companies out there that can work on the compactor, like we can, there are even fewer that can help you address your aging compactor receivers. After hauling over a long period of time the skids or ribbing can bend and need to be addressed. Sections of the floor and walls can rot out. The wheels and axels can wear down making the unit almost immovable. Customizations can be made to address weight related container strain. We can help your containers match up to, or exceed, the condition of the customer’s compactor.

You need help with your containers. We can help you. Give us a call today so we can get started on reinvigorating your container fleet!

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