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If you operate a business that deals with a lot of production, for instance, a large coffee shop or chain of restaurants, you must have an idea of how much waste you produce daily. The garbage that needs disposing of every day can be astronomical and very hard to handle. Not to mention expensive.

At moments like these, the business person inside you should start to look for better options to deal with the waste.

One of the best ideas in this situation could be to buy or rent a compactor. A commercial compactor works by taking a big heap of trash and reducing its size and volume. Here are some benefits: 

  • Improved cleanliness: By compacting and reducing your waste volume, you can have less waste around your dumpsters. That means no odor, vermin control, and a more contained look.
  • Lower garbage volume: The most significant advantage of this is that most haulers charge fees based on trash weight or capacity. Compacted garbage means fewer hauler costs overall.
  • Fewer Hauler Trips: You have less trash, so it gets picked up less. Fewer trips from the hauler mean lower costs. 

But should you rent a compactor or buy one? Let’s discuss some of the benefits of both.

When To Rent A Compactor and When To Buy

Are you wondering whether your should rent or buy when it comes to compactors and balers? We’ve laid out some of the pros and cons of each option to help you decide.

Pros and Cons When You Rent a Compactor

The option to rent a compactor is pretty great and might just be the best solution for your business.

Here are the pros of renting instead of buying:

  • You don’t own it, so you don’t need to pay any maintenance costs. The company that rented the compactor to you will be responsible for any repairs and maintenance.
  • Rental companies don’t need a lot of details about your financials. The renting process is straightforward, which makes it an excellent choice for new companies.
  • If you rent a baler as well, you can often offset your rent by exchanging commodities. 
  • You don’t have to sign a hauling contract with the rental company.
  • They are tax-deductible.
  • A good option for businesses that don’t own the property they operate on.
  • When you rent, you will likely get upgrades for different compactor and baler models as your business grows over time, without the expense of buying a whole new tool.

Here are the cons of this option:

  • You don’t own it and will most likely have to pay a small monthly rent. 
  • You’re unlikely to get rid of it, as the need to compact trash will always be necessary, so it could be more expensive to rent over time than buying one in the long-run.

Pros and Cons When You Buy a Compactor

A compactor usually costs anywhere between $12,000 and $85,000. You can either choose to pay the money upfront or finance it.

Here are the pros of this option:

  • Paying over a period of time with financing is more comfortable for you.
  • You own the compactor—no need to worry about monthly rent payments.

Here are the cons of this option:

  • You will have to pay interest when financing a compactor.
  • Maintenance can be time-consuming, and repairs can be costly.
  • If you need a different model, you’ll have to pay for an entirely new piece of equipment.

Conclusion – Rent A Compactor With Direct Compactor & Baler

Renting a compactor should be the optimal choice for most businesses. If you want to avoid the rising hauler costs, The Direct Compactor and Baler Rental Program is your best choice. We make it easy!  If youto change haulers and get the right hauler that is best suited for your business you won’t have to worry about a large scale equipment changeover. 

Plus, all of our compaction equipment is compatible with hauler-owned collection equipment. When you’re ready to save time and money with fewer hauls, then let us help you today. At Director Compactor & Baler, we don’t require capital expenditures to approve. There are no high maintenance costs you have to pay, and we won’t make you sign a hauling contract. In addition to no system replacement cost, renting with us can be 100% tax-deductible. 

We are the # 1 trash compactor and baler equipment company in Texas and have over 35 years of excellence to prove it. Direct Compactor & Baler is dedicated to finding the most cost-effective and efficient solution for all of your waste reduction needs. Each member of our team is a qualified and experienced professional who can evaluate your current situation and determine the best solution for your needs. It’s our mission to offer you comprehensive solutions for commercial and industrial facilities of all sizes. Our process is thorough and concise, so you can quickly get the answers your need and get back to running your business.

Ready to save up to 25% on waste hauling? Give us a call at (817) 769-8340 or get a quick quote from our website. Browse through all of our equipment options and see if we have something that will work for your business. Let us answer your questions, give you our best advice, and help you and your business meet your goals today.

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