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To reduce their waste management costs, business owners have two options. They can either invest in a baler or a trash compactor, depending on the type of waste that their business generates. Using either of the two machines will make it easier for you to run your business and reduce the environmental footprint by increasing recycling.

The one you choose could be the difference between good recycling and mishandling waste items. Knowing the difference between the two machines can help you select the right option and positively impact your business.

While both baler or compactor will reduce the volume of waste through a compressing process, the key really does come down between what type of materials are being processed.

In this blog, we will help you decide whether you need a baler or compactor so you can choose the best fit for your business. 

Baler or Compactor – Your Guide To Which One You Need

Let’s discuss both balers and compactors so you can decide which one you think you need. Feel free to reach out to us at Direct Compactor & Baler, where we would be happy to hear your goals and talk about your needs. We want to make sure you get the right equipment for the right job.

What Are Balers?

Balers are machines that allow businesses to pack massive amounts of recyclable material into smaller, compact shapes. This makes storage and transportation much more manageable. Additionally, balers enable companies to earn income from another source since they can sell recyclable material ahead.

A baler is used primarily to compact recyclable materials such as paper, metal, plastics, and cardboard. These materials are then compressed into bales and transported to recycling facilities for reuse or selling. They come in many sizes and shapes, so you can make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. 

When Do You Need a Baler?

A baler is a good fit for your business if your waste essentially contains recyclable materials such as paper, plastics, cardboard, and metal. These materials can be molded into dense and consistently shaped bales that can be stored and transported easily. 

Balers come in a variety of sizes. You should always pick one which accommodates your business needs:

  • Vertical Balers: Vertical balers compact small to medium volumes of waste and can be operated by one person.
  • Stockroom Balers: Stockroom balers do not take up too much space and are ideal for retailers.
  • Semi-Auto Horizontal Balers: If you produce high volumes of recycling materials, a semi-auto horizontal baler is a suitable choice for you. 

What Are Compactors?

Trash compactors are machines that are used to reduce and compress large volumes of trash (unsorted and mixed waste) into a confined area. It can handle several different types of waste to reduce its size and make it easier to handle and transport. The trash is then picked up by a waste collector and disposed of since it is not recyclable. Hence, a compactor is just used to reduce waste volume before being picked up by a waste collection company.

You can reduce waste collection costs by compressing the amount of waste you generate with a compactor’s help. Using compactors also reduces the number of bins and space required to manage the waste your business produces. Compactors come in many sizes and can compact roughly three cubic yards of trash into just 1. Using compactors requires very little training since the operations are mostly automatic.

When You Might Need a Compactor

Compactors are mainly useful when you don’t want to recycle the waste but just want to send it to a landfill at reduced transportation and storage costs. Compactors help in reducing the overall number of trash pickups because compacted trash takes up less space. If you have a lot of waste and are looking to save money on pickups, a compactor is the way to go.

Baler or Compactor? – Making the Right Decision

Before concluding whether a baler or compactor will gratify your waste management needs, you need to figure out your end goal. Do you want to reduce waste and recycle more, or are you only trying to reduce storage and transportation costs? Being clear about your goal will help you make the right purchase for your business. 

If your business produces large amounts of recyclable waste and you want to recycle materials and earn some money in the process, invest in a baler. If your end goal is just to store and transport trash to a landfill at a reduced cost, then go for a compactor. 

If you still can’t decide whether to get a baler or compactor, get in touch with Direct Compactor and Baler today by calling us at +1 800 284-5164 or writing us at sales@directcompactors.com. Our expert technicians will help you figure out which machine will be the best solution for your business! 

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