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Trash management is an essential part of every growing business. Having an upgraded system will help you manage your trash quite efficiently. To streamline the waste management process, many modern companies are investing in a commercial trash compactor. It makes the size more manageable, and recycling gets easier. 

Getting a commercial trash compactor is undoubtedly a good decision for your company, as it has many advantages. 

If you’re thinking, “Why invest in a commercial trash compactor?” here are a few reasons for you to act on it sooner rather than later: 

Why Invest In A Commercial Trash Compactor? Your Guide

No matter the industry, trash stinks! No one really wants to deal with their trash situation, but not having a good plan can cost you big. Though creating less waste can reduce your trash, but investing in compacting equipment ensures that you can deal with your current waste loads. When you compact your trash, you can make your trash less of a nuisance. 

Regardless of your needs, you’ll want to find a compactor or baler service that gives you solutions to help you get the job done right. Read on for a list of benefits that a commercial trash compactor can provide your business and help you manage your waste a little better.

A Lot of Free Space 

Yes, a commercial compactor is a comparatively large machine, but it saves space in other ways. Since the waste is compacted, it becomes much smaller and occupies less volume. As a result, fewer dumpsters are brimming with trash. 

No matter how bulky the trash items are, they are easily compacted. Due to this, less trash is lying around for disposal, freeing up a lot of valuable space on your premises. 

Time-Efficiency and Budget Costs 

Investing in a commercial compactor is costly, but it saves you a great deal of money in the long run. Less money is spent on trash haulers, and there are fewer trips to the disposal facility. Moreover, you will not get trash collected as often, so more money is saved because you avoid those dreaded hauling fees. 

Employee Efficiency 

Your employees make many trips down to the dumpster to dispose of small amounts of trash. Getting a commercial trash compactor is a way to reduce those trips and save time.  No more impromptu smoke breaks behind the dumpsters, not to mention potential shrink related challenges. Subsequently, those employees will be more productive in other, more demanding aspects of their job.

Be a Green Company 

Modern businesses are encouraged to make sure they have taken measures to reduce their carbon footprint, and rightfully so. Hence, adding a commercial compactor is a way to enhance your green efforts as it helps utilize space properly in landfills. 

A clear compaction waste strategy also allows teams to create a clearer sorting process to ensure recycling is possible.  It could be a second compactor, a baler, or separate container for plastics and cardboard.

Most importantly, being known as a green business is significant for your company’s reputation and invites potential investors. In addition, it will potentially increase your revenue as people want to be in business with eco-friendly companies. 

A Cleaner, More Appealing Workplace 

Too many dumpsters can make your office look unappealing and dirty. Waste usually attracts mice, cockroaches, and even rats. Additionally, dumpsters that do not have overflowing trash will help improve your office space. It will make the facility look sanitary and much more pleasant. 

Fewer dumpsters mean fewer pests, in turn making your environment cleaner. In addition, it can help in your branding efforts and impact the overall customer experience. What’s more, is that excess, mismanaged trash is also a potential fire hazard. Hence, you should invest in a commercial trash compactor to help curtail this risk. 

Reduce Vermin, Insect, And Odor Problems

Trash compactors provide air-tight trash to keep vermin and insects from invading your trash receptacles, which could lead to more significant problems. Infestations can lead to health problems and can be very expensive to eradicate.

Additionally, some trash compactors are also liquid-tight, which can minimize odors, which might be the worst part of companies who produce a lot of waste. Few things make a facility seem less clean to employees as well as potential customers than a parking lot with exposed waste odors.  No matter how thoroughly the facility is maintained.  Finally, airleading sanitizers are also available for many compactor equipment services.

Final Thoughts

Why invest in a commercial trash compactor? A commercial trash compactor can help your trash disposal needs. They come in different sizes and types to accommodate your business. They are flexible to work with, be it closed-end, stationary, vertical, or self-contained compactors. You can choose whichever compactor suits your recycling goals best and helps you manage your trash volume efficiently. 

The Direct Compactor and Baler Rental programs are a fantastic alternative to rising hauler costs, and we make it easy to get the equipment you need when you need it most. When you choose us, our Compactor Service Agreement gives you access to the hauler best suited for one or many locations. Direct Compactor and Baler compaction equipment are made to be compatible with all hauler-owner collection equipment too. It’s our goal to save you hauls, which saves you money. Some of the key benefits that come with our rental programs are:

  • No capital expenditures to approve
  • No maintenance costs to pay
  • No hauling contracts to sign
  • No systems replacement cost to pay
  • 100% tax-deductible

Overall, many advantages come with purchasing a commercial trash compactor. So, if you’re looking to make a good business decision, invest in a commercial trash compactor today. Check out Direct Compactors now!

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