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How easy is it to rent a baler or compactor?  Renting a trash compactor or cardboard baler is incredibly simple.  With 4 short steps you can be on your way to a useful compaction solution for your business today!


The First step is identifying the best piece(s) of compaction equipment for your organization.  With a brief call to (817) 769-8340 we can walk you through the fast identification process.  We can spot the types of waste you have, highlight how you are currently managing your waste stream, and show you how a compactor or baler may alter your waste stream to be managed more efficiently.


The second step is highlighting the potential barriers to installation.  We will go over equipment availability.  We can talk you through the installation process to consider floor space, power availability, machine placement, ceiling height, electrical service, etc. Pinpointing all the environmental factors that would impact the price and installation is very important at this stage of the process.


Third, we would send over your customized paperwork for review and signature.   This will have information on equipment, pricing, etc.  Please keep in mind that the lead time for equipment doesn’t start until the paperwork is signed.  Lead time before installation can vary based on availability of service techs and equipment.


Fourth, installation.  Our expert team of trained installation technicians will set up your ordered equipment.


We fix the compactors and balers as needed per the terms of the rental.  Just call us and we will take care of all repairs.  It makes planning for equipment costs easy.  One relatively low monthly payment and you get a potentially tax-deductible solution that covers repairs for the life of the agreement.  It’s the best solution for busy businesspeople to focus on their business, not the trash.


Call today to get the program started for your team.  Getting started is a simple step.  We look forward to helping you.



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