by Direct Compactor | 15 May,2024

There are many questions that can come about while scoping out the correct trash compactor or cardboard baler for your needs.  It can feel overwhelming.  Let us help you with the most common questions you will be asked and why they are important.


#1  Do you have three-phase or single-phase power?  This question refers to the electrical service that comes into your building.  It will come in either 3 phase or single-phase configuration.  The phase of your electricity, as well as your voltage, will impact what electrical components can be used to run your trash compactor or cardboard baler.  If you have single-phase power, then your costs will be a little higher as a phase converter and other work will be required to get your machine ready to operate in your facility.


#2  What type of waste do you have?  Answering this question identifies the size and type of equipment you need.  If you have only cardboard in small boxes, then a 2 yd stationary trash compactor can work great.  If you have wet waste, then you can get a self-contained compactor.  With construction debris you would need a pre crusher or augur.


#3  How will you feed the trash into the compactor?  This question is asking if you will be placing the trash, or recyclables, into the trash compactor or cardboard baler from the ground, side, top, or back of the machine.  If from the ground, which side of the machine?  Do you want to walk onto the machine from the dock?  Will you be feeding it from a conveyor belt?  Etc. Once this is known then your equipment partner can start planning what kind of hopper configuration is needed.


No matter what question you will be asked what matters is who you work with.  At Direct Compactor and Baler, we strive to make the process for determining the right equipment as smooth as possible.  Give our expert team a call and see the difference that a top notch equipment partner can make.     (817) 769-8340

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